Queertango Hamburg Marathon


During our marathon you'll enjoy the best of Argentine Tango music. Of course at some point there will be some other music  - or as cortina or as a short cross-over-tanda. 

  For 2019 we've confirmation from the following DJs:

Jimini DJ ChimiChurri/Amsterdam/UK

was born in the UK, but earned her nickname as ‘hot’ DJ in the salons of Buenos Aires. I heard her music at the Mango Tango Festival in England. She loves the challenge of fitting the music to the mood, and enticing as many dancers onto the floor as possible. She'll have an easy job with us:-)

Claudia Ohde/Barcelona/Ger

has already left her Tango traces in many countries and will come this time from Barcelona to us. Many of you will know her from the dance floors of the various queer events. We are glad to have her back again this year. She had the wish, to be your first DJ for this event, so her DJ-slot will be on Friday from 18 - 23 o'clock..

Lucas Malec/Amsterdam/Arg

is from Buenos Aires, but lives in Amsterdam. He is not only a gifted dancer but also a musician and DJ and we're glad to have him for the first time with us.

Marcelo Soria/Hamburg/Arg

will be back again with his unmistakable kind of DJing. It's worth it to hold on until the last Tango.Marcelo is next to Lucas our second Argentinian and is running his own Location Tango Chocolate since many years in Hamburg.

Scarlett von Boor/Hamburg/Ger

is next to Ingrid the organizer of this marathon and loves a lot to be DJ. She trys always to pick up the mood of the people and to find the right music to make them dance without stop. This is why she is often invited for international events. For more information look here: www.purtango.de


new: DJ-jam session

We want to try it for the first time this year to give some of you the possibility to present your music to a big audience. Each DJ gets one hour on Saturday evening, so sign up until 13th of March, if you want to take part. Participants will be chosen at random. It is the luck of the draw.

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Queertango Hamburg Marathon

27.-29. September 2019