Queertango Hamburg Marathon


During our marathon you'll enjoy the best of Argentine Tango music. Of course at some point there will be some other music  - or as cortina or as a short cross-over-tanda. 

In 2021 the following DJs will make the music:

Andreas Lehrke/Berlin

Our all-rounder Andreas selects the music for you with a clear rhythmical structure, which gives the dancers a solid framework for the interpretation of their dance. In addition to tandas with traditional tangos, non-tangos also like to end up in his playlist and for his Cortinas he chooses often pieces that you can dance to: salsa, swing, etc.

Claudia Ohde/Barcelona

Claudia plays exclusively traditional tango music from the Golden Age (with occasional excursions to nearby decades) as she enjoys it for its musical richness and variety, as DJ as well as a dancer. We love her for her ability to  catch the mood of the dance floor with her consintant tandas and to find the right moment for the right orchestra.

Olivier Varlet/Paris

Olivier loves the golden age music and mix the traditional orchestras with contemporary in that style, all in good balance of rhythmical and more romantic sets.

Jamie Collier/Seattle

Jamie crafts each tanda carefully, drawing from the universe of “must dance” tango (and sometimes non-tango) music with consistency, so you know what you’re getting from the first notes...but with a little spice and some nice surprises, that put a smile on everyone’s face.

Fabiano Boretti/Berlin

As Fabiano wouldn't cook for his guests a dish that he wouldn't like to eat, as a DJ he don't play for his dancers music that he wouldn't like to listen to. So you'll have a Canaro-free-time with traditional Tangos vom 20th to 50th with few exceptions.

Marga Nagel/Hamburg/Ger

Marga has been playing tango since the mid-80s. She mixes up - partly with smooth transitions, partly with Cortinas - the most beautiful tangos of the 30s and 40s with atmospheric and above all well danceable non- and electro tangos, in a ratio of approx. 70/30, everything with the priority to make a good time for the dancers.

Scarlett von Boor/Hamburg/Ger

Scarlett chooses the best traditional Tangos of neary all decades, but always with regard to fit for the dancefloor and the mood of the dancer and with energizing cortinas.

Fr 18 - 23 Uhr Claudia Ohde/Barcelona
  23 - 4 Uhr Olivier/Paris
Sa 12 - 16 Uhr Fabiano/Berlin
  16 - 19 Uhr Jamie Collier/Seattle
  19 - 22 Uhr Fabiano/Berlin
  22 - 1 Uhr Scarlett/Hamburg
  1 - 4/3 Uhr Andreas/Berlin
So 12 - 14 Uhr Marga Nagel/Hamburg
  14 - 16 Uhr Olivier/Paris
  16 - 18 Uhr Claudia Ohde/Barcelona

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Queertango Hamburg Marathon