Queertango Hamburg Marathon


During our marathon you'll enjoy the best of Argentine Tango music. Of course at some point there will be a some other music  - or as cortina or as a short cross-over-tanda. 

  For 2018 we've confirmation from the following DJs:


is for even more time devoted to Tango than probably all of us (he started very young:-)). He is not only (Co-)Organizer of the Kuala-Lumpur Tango Festival and the Göteborg Queertango Festival but also our valued colleague during the 8Zapatos weekends. Furthermore he hosts a regular milonga in Berlin, where he also lives and teaches. You can find more on his website spontango.de. 


is an internationally known DJ. We are delighted to have him back, so that he can bring - together with Marcelo - the Argentine flair to our marathon. He will delight us with his music on Saturday from 12 am to 6 pm. You can find more about him on facebook: Carlos Goiach


has already left her Tango traces in many countries and will come this time from Barcelona to us. Many of you will know her from the dance floors of the various queer events. We are glad to have her back this year, after her success last year during our marathon.


is our second DJ from Hamburg and will join us for the first time. Nathan DJ activities in Hamburg and northern Germany startet in 2016.  His youthful temperament is reflected in his election of energetic music. In addition to the classics of the Golden Age, he also likes to play Tangos from the 50s and 60s, as well as selected contemporary orchestras. We'll check out his style Friday from 18-23 pm.


will be back again with his unmistakable kind of DJing on Saturday night. It's worth it to hold on until the last Tango.Marcelo is next Carlos our second Argentinian and is running his own Location Tango Chocolate since many years in Hamburg.

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Queertango Hamburg Marathon

12. - 14. Oktober 2018