Queertango Hamburg Marathon


We bid you warm welcome in the birthplace of the queer tango dancing at the weekend 9th to 11th of October 2020 which will be marked by

a relaxed atmosphere        
  interesting encounters      
    contact and communication  
      respectful coexistence  
                        the best tangos and of course  
.... dancing, dancing, dancing.

As last year Simone und Oliver are offering their handmade trousers.  And on Saturday Marion und Karl are offering the supersoft shoes from Tangolera. Last years customers  said, that their dancing level increased immediatly after wearing that shoes:-) Of course Dag will be in charge again to fill up our next galery with wonderful pictures.

In the organization, we’ve made every effort to offer you a nice location with the best floor of the town, choose good DJs and care for your physical well-being with the daily brunch. But the major portion of the success lies on you! Because if many dance enthusiasts join the dancefloor at the same time, the mutual thoughtfulness and observance of the rules for the dance flow are essential to allow all the optimal enjoyment. Let us together create an unforgettable event.

The ticketprice for the Marathon will be 95 € (please note, that we don't offer supper any more).

All in the program specified meals are included as well as water, coffee and tea during the marathon.

In case of cancellations we'll hand back the payed fee only, if someone other can be found instead! Please understand the charging of 15 € for this extra work.

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Queertango Hamburg Marathon

27.-29. September 2019