Queertango Hamburg Marathon



18 h - The doors open, all are allowed in, the dance begins.

20 h - The food is ready - the decision is difficult: dance or eat :-)

24 h - We're serving a warm soup with some bread.

till 4 h - The music stops for the next few hours. You can plunge into the Hamburg night scene or just go to sleep.



12 h - A brunch buffet awaits you as well as the dance floor.

15 h - Tea time, of course with some cake

19 h - Again time to stop dancing for having something to eat.

24 h - You can strengthen yourself for the night with a midnight soup.

4 h -  Finally it's time to take a break for your tired legs.



12 h - The last hours start with the Sunday brunch.

15 h - Tea time

18 h - We have to say goodbye.


During the whole time we offer you water, coffee and tea for free. Other drinks are available at the counter.

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Queertango Hamburg Marathon

12. - 14. Oktober 2018